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Theres’ a HUGE shortage of Certified Data Protection Officers, Datalaws can give you the opportunity to fill the void.


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Intensive 5 day training provided by a leading GDPR Consultant and former Global Privacy Officer.


Upon completion you will be a qualified CDPPO, opening the door to a very lucrative and successful career.

Certified Data Protection & Privacy Officer (CDPPO) Training

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DataLaws Courses (Data Protection & Privacy Training & Capacity Builders)

The enactment of data protection laws has led to a number of mandatory requirements for data controllers and processors.

One of such requirements is the need to perform a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) where the processing of such data could lead to high risks to data subjects.

Recognising that this requirement will necessitate individuals having to implement DPIA’s and that there is a need to upskill persons to assist their organisations to implement DPIA’S. DataLaws Training has designed a 2 Day DPIA course which provides delegates with the knowledge and skills to implement a DPIA process.

The course has been designed to help delegates recognise when a DPIA is required, and how to identify data protection and privacy related risks.

This 2-day course is divided into a 1-day theoretical session providing delegates with information about;

  • what a DPIA is,
  • the steps to conducting a DPIA,
  • stakeholders involved in the DPIA process,
  • identifying risks,
  • privacy screening question thresholds and
  • templates used for DPIA’s.

The second day comprises a workshop on how to conduct a DPIA and embedding the process into an organisation.

Delegates will be walked through a number of DPIA case studies, objective of which will be to align and apply what they have been taught from the day 1 session with a real DPIA.

They will also be provided with advice on how to embed a DPIA process and procedure into their organisations.

The past 3 years has seen many African Countries enact data protection and privacy laws.

Many of these new laws make it mandatory for data controllers and processors to employ data protection officers.

There is a dire shortage of African Data Protection Officers for these countries.

Training offered has mainly been EU GDPR centric rather than African country law specific.

DataLaws Training introduces African country centric Data Protection and Privacy related courses for individuals who are or want to become African data protection and privacy specialists.

Our flagship CDPPO course allows delegates understand the role of a data protection and privacy officer/information officer.

Our CDPPO course has been designed by a leading consultant Data Protection Officer who has over 25 years global experience in data protection, privacy and cybersecurity.

Want a new career in data protection? Get certified with DataLaws Training

CDPPO the Data Protection and Privacy Officer certification

Understanding that data protection is new to many lawyers in DataLaws Training has designed its “Data Protection Contract Clauses, Data Sharing Agreements and the Role of Lawyers in Overseeing Data Protection Compliance” course to provide lawyers with the information they require to implement data protection and privacy frameworks within their organisations.

This course is ideal for in-house lawyers in either private or public sector organisations.

Preparing for and Managing Data Breaches 

This one-day practical online instructor led training session delves deeply into the obligations regarding personal data breaches according to the UK and EU GDPR and other jurisdictions with similar data breach response requirements.

We also investigate the steps organizations can put into practice to prepare for and reduce the likelihood of a data breach.

The course includes the following components:

  • Introduction to personal data breaches and the impacts they have on organisations.
  • The importance of data breach policies and procedures.
  • Identifying the kinds of incidents that necessitate notification to the data protection regulator and affected individuals.
  • Recommended actions that organizations should currently be taking to ready themselves for a potential data breach.
  • The repercussions of failing to report breaches.
  • Crafting incident response plans and exploring avenues to minimize risk.
  • Understanding the implications of data processors
  • Examining the expectations of organizations by regulators.
  • The necessity of maintaining an internal breach register and guidelines for its upkeep.

Who should attend:

  • Data Protection Officers & Managers, Information Security Officers & Managers, Compliance Officers, Information Managers, Legal Advisors & In-House Lawyers, Human Resource Managers, Account Managers, Business Analysts, Procurement and Facilities Managers.

Classes are Limited to 20 Delegates

Training Partnership

DataLaws Training is open to partner with country regulators and government institutions to train staff via our train the trainer model or bespoke training workshops for larger groups of individuals who require training.

Please contact us for more information about these options.

Data Protection & Privacy Contract Clause Review & Design

Does your organisation require a review and update of its Data Protection and Privacy Clauses or Data Sharing Agreements?

DataLaws Training can assist in drafting and reviewing clauses and templates to meet your data protection and privacy contractual obligations. Please feel free to contact us.


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