About Datalaws

Data Protection Advice & Training

DataLaws is a Data Protection and Privacy consultancy which has been established to provide clients advice on how to deal with the growing risks, threats and vulnerabilities they face as they handle personally identifiable information in the 21st Century.

DataLaws comprises a specialist Data Protection and Privacy team which provide advice on multifaceted data protection, privacy and lawful interception issues.

Our team have a proven track record of advising organisations on complex, multi-jurisdictional data and information technology related projects, this allows combined specialist knowledge to benchmark clients against current market standards and to assess what constitutes an acceptable level of risk.

Every organisation is at risk to data protection, privacy and information security issues.

Our data protection advice & training services will be of particular interest to the following sectors.

Public Sector government institutions

Financial Services



Armed Forces

Medical and Healthcare (private & public sector)

Marketing, e-marketing & digital communications

Human Resources Departments of organisations in any sector