About Datalaws

Data Protection & Privacy Training/Capacity Building

DataLaws Training is a UK based Data Protection and Privacy training company which has been established to provide data protection and privacy capacity building to government institutions, private sector organisations and individuals in Africa.

Recognising that many African countries have recently implemented their data protection and privacy laws, Datalaws training has identified that there is a gap between the legal requirements and the resourcing capacity to help facilitate implementation of the mandatory clauses of these laws.

To that extent, we have focused on common key point denominator mandatory obligation areas of these new laws to provide expert training in the subject matter areas.

Our areas of focus are the following:

  • Data Protection Officer/Information Officer Training
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Implementation
  • Corporate and Government Lawyer Data Protection Responsibilities
  • Staff Awareness Training

Course Delivery

To save costs to delegates, our courses are delivered through live instructor-led online sessions.

Comprehensive and Quality Course Materials

Delegates will receive a copy of slides and links that make up course materials to allow them to review understand and revert to what they have been taught.

Delegate Participation Encouragement

We keep class sizes to a maximum of 25 delegates to ensure participants are comfortable in asking questions as well as participating and contributing in discussions.

Certificate Issuance

  • Delegates who pass our CPD-certified courses which require assessments will be issued with a certificate illustrating that they have understood core competencies to be designated “Certified Data Protection & Privacy Officer” (CDPPO) for the countries the certifications are designed for.
  • Delegates who attend our non-assessment courses will be issued with a certificate of attendance upon request.


We offer discounts to organisations who want to train teams or departments. These discounts apply where send 5 or more delegates.

Physical and or Bespoke Training

We can arrange physical training in the UK for organizations that want to send up to 10 delegates or wish to have bespoke training.

Course Content Creation & Delivery

These courses have been designed and delivered by a data protection and privacy lawyer, and management consultant who has over 25 years’ experience in implementing BAU and medium to long term strategic activities as well as and providing global organisations and government institutions advice on how to comply with their data protection, privacy and cybersecurity obligations.