It is widely recognised that individuals who are responsible for handling personal data make less mistakes when they have been provided with training that is aimed directly towards the way they work. This allows for more informed staff who are less likely to take actions that could lead to a Data Protection and/or Privacy breach.

Our Experience

Our experience in the field has allowed us to recognise that data protection is an organisation wide responsibility to which many different departments have various roles to play.

Unlike other disciplines where teams can carry out their duties in isolation, Data Protection processing is carried out by virtually all teams within an organisation. Many of these teams will therefore need to understand what phase of the data protection process is under their remit. Any gap in these process can potentially lead to an organisation breaching Data Protection and Privacy regulatory requirements.

Our in-house training has been designed to help organisations understand all aspects of data protection and privacy so that they can identify where key responsibilities reside. It involves providing courses in a workshop format to all relevant stakeholders or their representatives. This format allows teams to recognise how their responsibilities and actions interact or impact other teams.

Who’s it for?

For organisations new to data protection and privacy, we typically advise that at least one member of the following teams/department attends the workshop to ensure dialogue and interaction.

  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Facilities
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Compliance
  • Complaints
  • Procurement
  • Information Technology
  • Information Security
  • Data Protection

Our workshops can be delivered at your premises and at times that are suitable to your staff.

Benefits of this format include the following:

  • It is cost effective
  • It reduces costs associated with travel and accommodation
  • It provides a more convenient environment in which employees can learn.
  • It allows for organisational team building
  • It improves on-the-job experiential development
  • It allows for inter-team interaction

actions that could lead to a Data Protection and/or Privacy breach.

Datalaws Delivers Excellence

We provide training on all aspects of Data Protection and Privacy, including:

  • Privacy Awareness Programs
  • Understanding Privacy legislations
  • 3rd┬áParty Privacy and security schedules
  • Undertaking Privacy and Data Protection Audits
  • Technical briefings and impact of legislative and regulatory updates,
  • Data protection for HR staff,
  • Training how to undertake Privacy Impact Assessments.
  • Information Security Implications
  • Liaising with Regulators
  • Implementing Privacy Oversight Regime

Groups Of All Sizes

We can provide training for groups of all sizes, starting with one to one sessions as well as workshops.

We also provide on the job training to help organisations personnel identify and resolve issues arising from handling, processing, transferring, storing and deleting personal information.

We can also provide formal data protection risk management sessions for senior managers and executives to brief them on likely hot spots and problem areas.

As You Need It

We can design computer based in house data protection and privacy training and awareness programs

If you prefer, you can have a tailored course for an in-house session